Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS - additional USB-C Cable included (USB-C & lightning compatible)

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CONSOLE DESIGN: You game on a console with a console controller so why switch to a miniaturized controller? This iPhone game controller is designed for extended gameplay without compromise. That’s worry-free and stress-free gaming in your hands GOODBYE TO LATENCY: As gamers, we do not want to add unnecessary latency caused by Bluetooth connections hence, our controller is direct connected. Our gamepad controller for iPhone has an ergonomic design with removable mobile support post for tactical comfort & agility so that you can show your competitors who is boss! TRANSFORM YOUR iPhone: Turn your mobile into a console and play wherever, whenever. Compatible with thousands of games and services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, PS Remote Play, Steam Link and more. Everything you need is included, simply plug in and play. Play online or offline and share gameplay instantly with our dedicated share button, bringing your mobile as close as ever to your console. REPLACEBALE USB-C CABLE INCLUDED: Our controller is compatible with any iPhone (iOS 7 or later) and case. With our replaceable cable included, you are future proofed if Apple ever change the Lightning connection to USB-C. CHARGE AS YOU PLAY: This cloud gaming controller features an improved version of our pass-through charging technology that charges as you play for unlimited gaming without draining your device (only available Lightning to Lightning). Just plug in the controller and play endlessly without the frustration of drained batteries and unfinished battles. Plus, it comes with an Audio DAC and headphone socket.

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